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If the first employee you ask doesn't know the answer, ask the store manager as to days and dates, and whether the discount applies at 55, 60, etc. CVS doesn't have any senior discounts per se. But you do want to get their Extracare Card. If you run the card through the red machine at the front of the store, a great deal sometimes shows up now and then.

And do give them your email address; they will rain all sorts of worthwhile discounts on you. Age demarcation unknown.

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Walgreens generally charges the highest prices in town for everything, especially in the pharmacy department. If you don't happen to know what Lifeline is, you definitely want to check that out no matter who your phone company is. You qualify based on income, not age. However, I'm not sure about these guys. Their phones seem expensive and there are complaints as to their quality.

T-Mobile has recently added senior discounts, details vary as to types and amount of service. However, if you have a Lifeline landline Verizon or Frontier , and want to use it to get on the Internet, it could be well worth your while to drop by the Verizon or Frontier website and see what DSL deals they are offering; no age restrictions, and DSL is plenty good enough for most situations, including streaming videos depending how close the substation is to your residence. Burner Phones. Inexpensive and free cell phones and cell phone plans are one complicated mess to research; especially when federal and state subsidies are mixed in.

Needless to say, read and understand everything on the packaging first. Actually, why not just shop for the critter online? First find what looks like the best deal on whatever retail store website, then go to that brand's website and see what they have to say. Once you've found what you want, buy from whichever site is best.

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  • AMC specifically says, "If you're at least 60 years old, you've probably seen a lot of great movies in your lifetime. And if you haven't , get started now with discounted tickets on Senior Day. Not available for all performances. Big Lots does not do senior discounts at this time. Confirmed by three independent sources. Times change. It's now , might be worth asking them what they are up to these days.

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    If nothing else, you get to torture them about it. And who knows? Many local area senior discounts are mentioned in the Comments Section. Try a browser search Ctrl-F for your state, town, or establishment; you might get lucky.

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    And if you happen to know of a local area senior citizen discount, by all means comment about it. You never know who you might be giving a helping hand. It is imperative to drop by your utility companies' websites, particularly your gas, electric, and phone companies. They almost certainly have various discounts available, for example:. There could be other discounts. Once you are signed up, you get significant savings month after month without any additional work on your part. If the discount info is not readily available via the website menus, use their search box and enter the bulleted phrases above.

    If that doesn't work, then do the searches directly from your favorite search engine, for example type in: "low income assistance" YourUtilityCompanyName. Doing Ctrl- will shrink it back down.

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    Doing Ctrl0 zero will reset everything back to "normal. Please share this page so as to help others. The more people who are knowledgeable, the better off we all are. Most cable companies claim to have senior discounts, but won't specify the details. You have to call and ask; probably not much or an outright scam.

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    Frankly, I ditched cable years ago and get everything for free or next to free on the internet. There's even the technology to have it display on your TV screen. However, one must make a reservation in advance through their Choice Hotels website or via their Choice Hotels phone number and specifically mention the senior discount for folks who are 60 or older. Also, beware of their use of the phrase: "up to. Unfortunately, it is not a discount one can count on. Their coupon page on their website does appear to offer some worthy discounts, but nothing is mentioned about seniors.

    Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Lakes Entrance Airbnb, australia. Gives Seniors Discounts and free dog stay for 3 days stay.

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    Price on booking.. Sleeps up to 7 adults. Onsite massage. Call victoria Australia. Good info, thanks! Village Inn does senior discounts, but you have to ask now. At least in Nebraska. Great article! I'm not there quite yet but will be soon enough and have bookmarked this page for future reference.

    Thank You Mary Sutton. I find this very useful. I will be talking to Kroger's at the very least. Thanks for the info. Good info Para. Kroger used to give senior discounts on Thursday every week, but cut down to the first week in the month where I lived in Kentucky. My local grocer gives senior discounts on Wednesdays. Ask you stated, a customer must ask. I found out my AAA membership gives many discounts as well. The companies never ask if you are a member.

    Wow, thanks for all this info! Thank you for researching and writing about this! The Tecumseh Mi.