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Those that commit unlawful acts—are NOT deserving of help at the risk or loss of others. But worked 2 added jobs in order to do the very best we could. You presume much,lump all under one view point into a set label. I had acdf surgery in DEC 3 discs removed and it has just been getting worse. The money we do have has to go on bills to keep a roof over our head and grocerys.

Praying in Missouri…. I agree!

Today I called Walmart Pharmacy to check if my usual monthly refill of Mallickrodt fentanyl patches was in stock. There is no recall. After I called Mallinckrodt, I called 5 different area pharmacies, and found that 2 of them carry the Mallinckrodt fentanyl patches I need. I find myself wondering what kind of a financial deal Walmart has made with Alvogen to only carry their brand of fentanyl patches, and no others. I understand the business practice of changing suppliers to get the best price.

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Tomorrow should be interesting. Depending on what response I get, I may be switching one or all of my prescriptions to a different pharmacy. I use them because they will ship me free Tegaderm patches to keep them on for days. Definitely not a national Walmart policy to not stock Mallinkropt. Their whole stock of patches, at all dose levels?!? The best we could guess was that a manager-level decision was made to stop carrying that brand. At least he gave me the best answer I was likely to get.

Because the bottom line is that we can always go buy our prescriptions somewhere else. We fill all narcotics one day early unless otherwise noted by the prescriber. We also work with our patients should there arise a need for an early refill i. The DEA has started cracking down on pharmacies nationwide. Insurance companies are now looking at the amount of opiates patients are prescribed. There truly is an epidemic on the number of death related to overdoses. There are a number of factors that go into filling prescriptions, and I know my own personal pharmacy personnel do not wish people to suffer in pain.

Major red flags include having a prescription written from a doctor that is from City A, patient lives in City B, and then the pharmacy in City C; chatty Kathies customers who are overly friendly — I hate using that term, but I just cannot think of a more suitable adjective to describe it , or cash prescriptions.

There are more to look out for, but these are the major ones that stand out. There is a reason that doctors are not dispensers of medicine. It is a system of checks and balances to make sure each medical professional is doing their due diligence for patient health and safety while still satisfying the laws set in place. With the advancement of technology, forgeries are becoming harder to discern.

When we are unfamiliar with the prescribing practice of a doctor that is not near us, we have to be extra vigilant when filling that prescription. Sometimes that involves some sleuthing; I have experienced this myself only to find that the Rx was in fact a forgery. It also helps to get acquainted with one pharmacy, and that will also help your pharmacist keep a check on possible interactions between your medications, especially if you see multiple specialists. You have to take into consideration that pharmacies fill hundreds of prescriptions each day, so it works out well we the patient is proactive in their own care as well.

Sans emergencies, plan in advance for vacations and travel. Some laws can also prohibit us from filling scripts from out of state. I had an older fellow from up north who wanted to drop off a Tussionex Rx that was written by a nurse practitioner in his state, but Georgia law prohibited us from filling that because nurse practitioners do not have the capability to do so here. He accused us of profiling when all we were doing was following the law. I appreciate your post. I completely respect the system and policies in place to help with the growing opiate epidemic.

I live in Florida, but have been spending the majority of my time in New Jersey with my grand babies; one just born this last September. I am helping with my two year old granddaughter that has medical issues. I work online and this allows me to stay longer and be there for her and my sons family.

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I was so disappointed with my last visit to Walgreens. I was embarrassed, made late to sign into my job, and felt I needed to tell my reasons for my travels, bring back a file of my health history and so forth. In my situation, so you have any suggestions or advice with how to help?

I have to be there for my granddaughter, but permanently moving is not an option. Recent reports suggests that the majority — and growing — number of OD are from illegal substances. While the world turns on its axis pretty dependably every day.. It sounds like you are following the govt stance that doctors are overprescribing and that is the problem- not the real cause of illicit drugs.

Or do you drill people with questions before you say that you will fill them. My PM is 35 miles from my home, one town away. I knew I was being lied to or, at least, that it had to be unethical but what could I do? I knew it was only going to get worse for pain patients. To anonymous; just a fyi,,I got accused of filling my script 1 day early by a bitch nurse at my doctors pain clinic,I WAS NOT,, turned out the pharmacy to save time would fill and ENTER into the computer 1 day early,,,soo again this BITCH nurse who hates Chronic pain patients,,but works at a pain clinic,,,claimed,,i was fillen scripts 1 day early..

I can relate to this.. I had Emergency surgery and was told by a nurse that I had to let the pain doctor know a week before I have surgery. I called my pain doctor, never out of all the 15 years on pain meds have I ran out until this.. It was taken off the market. I went that month so sick I thought about ending my pain. The next month they gave me a low dose of Morphine.

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So the next month, I took back a half a bottle of Morphine and gave it to my doctor. I went from January to July thinking I was having withdrawals. My Son and My Pain doctor thought I had cancer. I lost so much weight, around 70lbs.

I weighted less than 90 pounds. My Pancreas was ready to burst. I was born with a defect and have only 1 vale to my Pancreas.

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I have a stint and a balloon in my Pancreas. That same nurse had the nerve to tell me I best have proof that I am having more surgeries. Not true, she was fired for not making sure when you take somebody off their meds instead of lowering the dose and helping get off the high doses she let you go without. I could have turned her in as by Law she has to get a pre-approval for any new meds. When I called to let the PA know that I was sick and they needed to get a pre-approval for that new med she gave me. I let them know it had been taken off the market.

She said I was a liar. I live in pain every day.

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I have lived with my Pancreas for over 50 years, I really think the cause of it not working was from pukeing and craping for months. I had to really think if I wanted to turn the PA in. I have tried everything before I was put on Pain Meds. Sad as I thought Doctors took an Oath? Next, we will be told how to Vote, what we Believe in.

Laws need to change, I am Disabled and live in pain everyday! Without my meds, I cannot get out of bed. I paid my taxes and this is what I get? My levels of pain are a 10! I will never get better, sadly to say. My records show that I have IP and laws use to protect me. Now what?

I was also given a hard at CVS Pharmacy from late to about late , early I finally decided to never do business with them for anything. I will not even go there to buy a pack of gum. I had a legitimate prescription from a legitimate doctor. I was also told and accused one time it was too early to fill my script when it was days past the 30 day mark. I have multiple chronic pain issues and spent days in pain and also they made me feel like a druggie instead of someone with Legit issues.

I even went to another local CVS and the pharmacist told me they always run low in that area because everyone that lives around there is on disability and pain meds. How unprofessional of him to label me right in front of my face! There were months where there was a drastic change in price and it seems that they charged me gouged on whatever they felt like that day. This place will never get my business for anything ever!

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