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This may not be a prenatal vitamin, strictly speaking, but look at that nutrition facts chart! This little bar is packed full of ingredients specifically chosen to fight nausea. Including B6, protein, and ginger. That means you are getting way more bang for your buck. Because of this, when you get pregnant you may immediately start getting anxious about giving birth.

Your doctor will give you exercises that may help strengthen the muscles needed for delivery, but even the most fit woman still feels the pain. Anything you do to minimize the pain going into that delivery room will not be something you regret. This tea will give your body nutrients that will target your uterine muscles, strengthening and preparing them for the oncoming trauma. It may end up helping the labor pain, the duration, and even minimize recovery.

None of these are the traditional prenatal vitamin, but they may very well make your pregnancy more enjoyable. The Cocolaurin is a super concentrated form of coconut oil which targets the harmful bacteria in your stomach that is associated with nausea. The part of coconut oil used, monolaurin, is also a primary component in breast milk, which makes it a great immunity booster for you and baby. It may just keep you from ever getting those pesky pregnancy constipation issues, too! The Mist is to help relieve your morning sickness on the spot. This is essentially your prenatal energy drink.

The sweetener this drink mix has is the Stevia extract and the energy boost comes from your B vitamins; B6 and B It has a lot of the same vitamins in your usual prenatals, but not all, so make sure to check if it has what you want before you give up your regular vitamin. The Builda Baby prenatal vitamin has a lot of the expected nutrients and a few bonus surprises, too. But those good company practices aside, the vitamin itself can help promote healthy development in baby and a well-balanced mommy, too.

This prenatal is very careful to make its vitamin gentle on your stomach. It has included 10 strains of probiotics to promote healthy digestion. This vitamin has the nutrients you would expect in a multivitamin, but bear in mind it does not have any of the omega-3s or DHAs.

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Nested Naturals has also committed to supporting Vitamin Angels, the charity that strives to minimize global malnutrition by providing vitamins all over the world. This prenatal has all the basics to cover you and make sure baby has the nutrients he needs for development. These drink mixes come pre-formulated for the fetal development that occurs in each trimester. This first semester drink mix focuses on encouraging cellular division and boosting progesterone and helping the baby create a strong bond to the uterine wall.

A large portion of miscarriages in the first trimester are caused by one of these things not happening correctly and this mix could help with that. This vitamin may not have the DHA or Omega-3 fatty acids others do, but this is the perfect supplement for those of us who just want to make up for a less than perfect diet. Either way, a lot of people seem to get that effect from these prenatal vitamins, even post-natal.

Having morning sickness? Anyone experiencing nausea from headaches or motion sickness can take these, not just pregnant women. The ingredient list may not look that different from other prenatal gummy vitamins, but there are a couple of things that set this apart from the others.

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They test every third batch. And they test it six different times. The company also supports Vitamin Angels, which is committed to improving the global impact of malnutrition. SmartyPants has pledged to match their donation of vitamins 1-for This vitamin is strictly for your DHA and omega-3 fatty acids. There is no daily recommended value as dictated by the FDA for these and as such you can only compare them to other prenatals.

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They have 4 times as much of each of these nutrients than the leading prenatal, so if you want to ensure your baby is getting the maximum amount of these, then this prenatal supplement is for you. As always, check with your doctor to make sure your vitamin regiment is right for you. Which is wonderful for getting baby the iron she needs without any extra suffering on your part. Similac has made its name in trying to recreate the nutrients in breast milk to provide the best nutrition available for baby. The prenatal caplets are a multivitamin for the most expected nutrients and the softgels utilizes this OptiGro formula.

It uses fish in its DHA for brain development; spinach in its Lutein for eye health; and broccoli in its Vitamin E for general growth and development. This gummy vitamin is flavored raspberry lemonade and the sourness of the lemon goes a long way to counter the usual fishy aftertaste of a lot of vitamins containing fish oil.

Which is the easiest way to get your Omega-3 fatty acids. You should always keep in mind the sugar content of these gummies, so they may not be the best bet if you have gestational diabetes, particularly those covered in yummy sugar like this one. The Honest Co.

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The immediate aftertaste is surprisingly pleasant as a result. Amazon reviewers were split on whether this is a pro, though: Some found the vanilla flavor not to be very gentle for those suffering morning sickness. For others, the vanilla hint was the only way they could get it down. That last part is rarer than it might sound: The research around folic acid being absorbed at higher concentrations than folate pushes many supplements over the upper tolerance level of 1, mcg DFE.

Among the products that met our requirements, this was easily the most folate equivalent without going over the maximum recommended amount, making it great for women who get very little folate in their diets. Deva Vegan Prenatal Multivitamin had the most choline of the supplements that passed our criteria. Deva offers those nutrients at a cheaper price than either of our other picks. The tablets are the smallest of our top picks — smaller than a quarter — and you only have to take one pill per day.

The amount of daily folate equivalent in Deva mg is near the tolerable upper limit recommended by the CDC 1, mg. So, if you eat a lot of folate-rich foods leafy greens, beans, fruits, and grains , Deva might put you over that threshold.

If you live in a sunnier area or already take a vitamin D supplement, Deva is the best prenatal multivitamin. And remember, you only need one per day. As our only fully food-based recommendation, Garden of Life is great for people who prioritize organics and food-sourced nutrients. Garden of Life uses only food-based ingredients, with the source of each listed on the label: Its folate is derived from organic broccoli, and its vitamin C comes from organic lemon.

The vitamin is also organic, vegan, and gluten free. If these kinds of supplements give you peace of mind, though, Garden of Life is your best bet for food-based prenatal vitamins. Garden of Life is our only pick that requires you take three tablets daily. One of the most favorable options for getting the job done? Gummy vitamins. We found some reasonable gummy options that include most, but not all, of the most important nutrients for baby. Personally tested by one of our writers whose morning sickness had her desperately searching for the best prenatal gummies, we can vouch that all three of these options are also pretty tasty.

We talked to three doctors to determine what nutrients were most essential in a prenatal vitamin. All our top picks include:. Tablets Age Adult Expectant Mother Count Days Supply 0 4. Special Feature Dairy Free 3.

Gluten Free 5. Iron Free 2. No Artificial Flavors 3.


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