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From cow stories to the history of humanity: what you should read in May | Books | The Guardian

Negatively, dreaming about Costco may represent your tendency to waste time or resources jealousy unable to obtain an exclusive ability to experience something "in bulk. Wasting time joining something in order to get exclusive quality time with a situation or person. Awareness that you are able to get quality time with a person or situation without substance to the experience.

An professional attitude about getting bulk quality access to a situation or person that doesn't respect you. Dreams of Costco Wholesale are common to people with romantic crushes on people they are eager to try to spend a lot of time with and make use whatever resources they can to maintain the ability to easily spend lots of time with the person.

Example: A high-school girl dreamed of losing her Costco membership. In waking life she was jealously trying to get an opportunity to spend a lot of quality time with a boy she had a crush on when she found out her friend was dating him. Example 2: A high-school girl dreamed of a boy she had a crush on standing in line at the cashier at Costco. In waking life she had a crush on a boy for over a year. In this case Costco may have reflected her feelings about wanting an exclusive ability to spend lots of quality time with her crush when he seemed to be choosing to spend a lot of exclusive quality time in other ways.

To dream of a costume represents a false or deceptive persona you present to others in waking life. You might be putting on a show or pretending to be something you are not.

Cow Dream Meaning and interpretation? What it means

A costume may also reflect bluffing or lying. It may also reflect a temporary persona you display to others to fulfill a certain role e. To dream of a costume party represents a situation where you or others are enjoying yourself "posing" as something you're not. A pleasant experience lying, bluffing, or not being yourself.

You may be trying to escape from the demands of real life or make yourself feel better by living a lie. To dream of a cot represents temporary measures to keep something in your life staying the same. Feeling that something in your life has to stay the way it is just for now.

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Purposely not being concerned with feeling good maintaining a decision to get through something difficult. Temporarily reducing your comfort level because there are bigger priorities at stake. A cot may reflect emergency type thinking. Keeping strong for the short term. To dream of a cottage represents your perspective on a situation being centered around escaping problems or responsibilities. You are taking a break from your problems or would prefer to not to deal with them right now.

Feeling good or enjoying yourself while avoiding doing something that you know may be serious or important. There may be a need for quiet or simplicity during a difficult moment. To dream of cotton balls represents feelings about using something in your life as a temporary imperfect solution to a problem. Making a problem less serious while not being concerned with fully solving it.

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Negatively, cotton balls may reflect your dislike of having to temporarily change some area of your life that doesn't perfectly resolve your problems. Example: A woman dreamed of holding cotton balls in her hand. In waking life she was thinking of her options to leave her cheating husband. She felt that she could move away to a family members home to temporarily solve her living arrangement problems with her husband and start a new life after.

To dream of cotton candy represents total preoccupation with how wonderful, fun, or pleasurable something is. Not thinking about anything except how good it feels to feel good.

  1. From cow stories to the history of humanity: what you should read in May | Books | The Guardian.
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Not wanting to stop noticing yourself feeling good. Negatively, cotton candy may reflect your sensitivity about losing something that feels good. To dream of a couch represents total comfort with an issue or situation. You are comfortable, bored, or lazy about something. You may feel that nothing is wrong at all with a particular issue. A comfortable or laid back attitude about a situation you are experiencing.

It may also reflect a relaxed attitude about accepting a particular situation as it is. Negatively, a couch in a dream may be a sign that you are too comfortable with certain beliefs, ideas, or situations you are experiencing. A casually attitude about overlooking a serious or potentially dangerous problem A comfortable attitude about accepting a problem the way it is. Risking your integrity because you feel being proactive or taking action in some way is asking too much of you.


From cow stories to the history of humanity: what you should read in May

To dream of sitting on a couch with another person represents total comfort with some aspect of your personality based on whatever qualities stand out the most about that person. It's common to dream of sitting on a couch with people that you feel are lazy or sleazy as it reflects your awareness of yourself being too casual or laid back with a problem that needs to be addressed.

To sit on a couch with a crush or romantic interest may symbolize a high degree of comfort with sexually desiring that person. A sign that you need to stop daydreaming about them and do something about initiating a real relationship. Example: A woman dreamed of sitting on a couch with a man she thought was sleazy. In waking life she had an embarrassing lapse of judgement by too casually overlooking a problem that angered her neighbor. Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a person whom he felt was a really lazy person whom annoyed him.

In waking life he was being pressured into working an excessive amount of overtime by his boss whom was making him feel like he was lazy if it didn't want to work too much. To dream of a cougar represents intuitive aggression, ambition, or doing everything you can to realize a goals. It's awareness, keen perception, paying very close attention to someone or something in your waking life. Often something or someone you don't trust. You may also be observing or hunting for weakness before you make a move. To dream of cough drops represents a need for coaxing in order to discuss an issue.

By Leo Tolstoy

There is something holding you back or making you hesitant to speak up. You or someone else needs to be pushed or convinced to speak or take action. To dream of coughing represents dissatisfaction or irritation that you can't control something that may indicate that something is wrong. Feeling that something is wrong that can't be controlled. Unpleasant feelings about having to appear dangerously out of control to other people.

Problems with appearances that something you're saying or being observed doing isn't safe. Embarrassment with an oversight that has to be noticed. Positively, coughing that is controlled may reflect a wish to signal that something forgotten or wrong has been overlooked. Feeling that something that doesn't embarrass one person, but may embarrass another.

Feelings about subtle obvious suggestions being made undetected. To dream of seeing someone else coughing may mirror waking life feelings about wanting to distance yourself from a person or situation who has something wrong with them that can't be controlled. To dream of coughing something out may represent unpleasant feelings about needing to confront or discuss things about yourself that you can't control.

Whatever you cough out of your body may reflect a reversed choice or experience that feels dangerously out of control to other people. Feelings about everything you'd already told people looking stupid or dangerous uncontrollably. To dream of a dead person coughing may reflect unexpected embarrassment that failure wasn't diagnosed properly or was spoken about too soon. Feeling silly for speaking about a situation being forever over or hopeless. Feeling that something is dangerously wrong with accepting something labelled as failure.

Example: A woman dreamed of coughing up an adult frog and then coughing up a young frog. In waking life she experienced two situations with her ex that made her believe she couldn't be with him anymore. First she felt her life was in danger and then later she felt he was playing mind games. Coughing up the frogs in this case may have reflected her feelings about being noticed by other people as having an embarrassingly dangerous relationship after discussing it like it to others as though it didn't matter.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of coughing up rocks. In waking life she was having difficulty getting a job and may have felt embarrassed for talking to other people about her education making certain job opportunities sounds "solid" and easy.

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  • Example 3: A young woman dreamed of needing to turn in a report and then feeling the need to cough. In waking life she was considering guys she wanted to talk to other people about dating and then felt she might be embarrassed talking about them because they were taken. The need to cough without coughing might have reflected her feelings about thinking she might be noticed by other people as having something wrong with her if she discussed potential love interests that were already taken.

    To dream of a Counselor represents a need for support and direction. You or someone else in your life may be inexperienced or looking for reassurance. Wanting or giving actionable answers. Wanting to feel that everything will be alright.