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Enough said. You can get a Dell having same features for half the price compared to other brands.. Look out for off coupon on the internet, and you can get yourself a great deal!! I'm looking at the Inspiron It's high quality, and its great for entertainment, and because we'll be getting TV through out computers, I figure its a smart move. Have anymore info? I brought my Inspiron m lightest of all - about 5 pounds for use in class..

It has all the features including a DVD burner..

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Here's how it looks.. It's a great deal!! I believe in the last 30 days that coupon was issued 4 times.. They usually issue it a day before for use on the next day..

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Just checked it out on deals2buy.. Here's the link to the most recent one.. Another coupon might be issued in a week or so.. When you order, login through www. Hope it helps.. Does anyone know if it's possible to buy a notebook from Dell using a credit card issued abroad? I'm not an American citizen, but as long as I'm able to provide a US address, there should be no problem ordering, right? Anyone have suggestions on specific things we should probably get extra other than what it says through NUIT Thanks sooo much!!!

There is no special configuration that you have to select while ordering.. Get a Sony. You pay a slight premium, but the quality is far superior to that of any Dell or HP. Sony's are incredibly overpriced and their customer service is horrendous. Stay far far away from Sony's.

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